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General contractors specializing in commercial and residential projects, ensuring quality and satisfaction.

Más de 25 años de experiencia en el sector nos respaldan

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Comprehensive solutions

Ofrecemos soluciones integrales y cubrimos todas las necesidades de nuestros clientes, desde el diseño y la instalación hasta el mantenimiento y soporte técnico.

Experience and quality

Con más de 25 años de experiencia, nuestro equipo altamente cualificado y nuestra dedicación a la excelencia nos permiten ofrecer resultados superiores.

Focus on innovation

Nos mantenemos al tanto incorporando tecnologías innovadoras y eficientes para mejorar la eficiencia energética.


Experts in electrical installations, integrated solutions and energy efficiency

Somos una empresa líder en el sector de instalaciones eléctricas, frío industrial, climatización, control de procesos, robótica y automatización industrial. Nos hemos consolidado como referentes en el mercado, ofreciendo soluciones integrales y eficientes para nuestros clientes.

Our mission is to provide services of the highest quality, ensuring the total satisfaction of our customers. We have a team of highly trained and committed, who works in a professional and efficient in every project that we undertake.


We are responsible with the environment



Needs assessment

We begin by understanding your specific needs, and we carry out a detailed assessment to determine the technical requirements and the most suitable solutions for your project.

Custom design

Our team of experts develop a custom design based on the results of the evaluation. We consider your goals, budget and deadlines, making sure that the design will fit perfectly with your requirements and expectations.

Efficient implementation

Once approved the design, we take care of the implementation of the project of efficient and professional manner. Our team of highly trained and experienced and is responsible for the installation, ensuring the quality and compliance with the highest standards.

Follow-up and support

After the completion of the project, we provide a continuous follow-up technical support and reliable. We ensure that all the facilities are working properly and offer further assistance if you require any adjustments, maintenance or updates.

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Electrocontrol revoluciona el sector de la climatización con su sistema de control inteligente

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Electrocontrol se posiciona como líder en la industria de la robótica colaborativa

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Choose Electrocontrol and benefit from our experience

Commitment to quality and customized solutions that help you achieve your goals.

Experience and track record

Electrocontrol cuenta con la experiencia necesaria para enfrentar cualquier desafío en instalaciones eléctricas, frío industrial, climatización, control de procesos, robótica y automatización industrial, brindando soluciones confiables y de calidad.

Custom solutions

We focus on understanding the specific needs of each client and we offer tailored solutions that meet their technical requirements and budget, ensuring optimal results and total satisfaction.

Quality and efficiency

In Electrocontrol, we are committed to providing solutions of the highest quality and efficiency. We use advanced technologies and materials of the first category to ensure durability, optimum performance and energy savings in all of our facilities.

Customer commitment

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our team of highly trained professionals working in close collaboration with customers, providing expert advice, personalized attention and exceptional service from the beginning to the end of the project.


Energy and Efficiency in Movement

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